Finding Your Niche, What Is Your Passion?

We have all heard about “Passion” but what does it really mean?  It is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling that is strong and barely controllable.  You can be passionate about anything. Those that work at something they truly enjoy doing are passionate about their job.  It is a goal that many try to reach and fortunate to achieve. Finding your niche starts by finding what you are passionate about.  I want to help you find that niche and turn it into a full-time business. Just think about how awesome it will be to do something you love and earn a income from doing it.

“Don’t worry about what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman



Time To Do Some Digging

Let’s start by exploring your strengths and natural personality traits. We often lose track of the things we truly enjoy due to life demands. Think of the things you enjoyed doing when you were ten years old. Do you still enjoy it now? If so then that is a true life-long passion.

Eric Maisel, a psychotherapist,  and the author agrees  “The things we loved as a child are probably still the things we love.”


Ask yourself a few question.

1. What can you talk about all day without getting tired of it?

2. What do you love to learn about?

3. What products or services really excite you?

4. Do you have a hobby?

5. Do you have collections?

You should be getting some kind of idea what your passion is by now. Take your time and think about it, go with your gut feelings. If it’s your hobby your passionate about there is nothing wrong with creating your life work around your hobby. Maybe it’s something you always dreamed about doing. Now’s your chance to turn it into reality.


Follow Your Passion

Now that you have found something you are passionate about let’s build on it. Let say for example that you are passionate about woodworking. Begin to gather as much information about it as you can, make Google your best friend. This is going to be fun because you love doing it. Now you can share it with the world. What a great feeling that’s going to be when you show off your work and start to make a profit from it. Think of all the things you can incorporate into this business, like selling the supplies needed to do the woodworking. You have endless possibilities and it’s all up to you. Don’t let the fear of starting your own business scare you into not trying. You live in a time that is the easiest ever to take your idea and turn it into a business. The world wide web has opened many doors that were previously shut. Take advantage of this huge opportunity now!



Bring Your Passion To Life

Now that you have a plan let’s get some life into it. Time to start building your website to share with the world. I bet you are asking yourself ” how do I do this? I have no skills in building a website”  That’s what I thought too until I found Wealthy Affiliates. Before being a member of WA I had never even made one blog let alone an entire website full of helpful content. You are going to be amazed at how much information they are willing to share with you. You will get easy to follow step by step lessons to build your website. Now it’s all up to you, ask yourself a few more questions.

  1. Do you want to have a job your passionate about?
  2. How is this going to make me feel about myself?
  3. Do you want to be self-employed?

I’ll always be here to help you if you have any questions please leave a comment or visit my profile.

To your success,


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  1. Linda Reply

    Hello, this is a wonderful post teaching me how to love my work, be passionate about it. I am very passionate about kidney disease since my husband is in kidney failure and we do the dialysis at home. I am also passionate about dogs and crochet. These are the things I could talk about all day. Thank you for a great post!
    With Kind Regards,

    • Cathy Scallan Reply

      Thank you for the visit. Sorry to hear about your husband and hope he recovers soon. You can build a great website about dogs and crochet, they both have a lot of info you can share.

  2. Rick E. Reply

    Great post about finding your passion in life Cathy! Once someone finds what they are absolutely passionate about they will be able to add regular, meaningful and engaging content to their website quickly, which Google loves!! I would highly recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to turn your passion into a high traffic and, hopefully, income earning website or blog! 🙂

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Thank you for visiting my website. Yes it’s a wonderful feeling once you find you passion in life and run with it, there is so much you can do and have fun doing it. Wealthy Affiliates has helped me so much, I am doing things I always thought were too hard for me to do.

  3. Jessica Reply

    Hi Cathy,
    I strongly believe in basing your business on a passion. I advise people all the time to look to their own interests when choosing a niche. It is so easy to get burned out! If we are building a business based on our passions then there is a reason to keep going even when it gets discouraging! It is easier to put in long hours and keep going and that constancy over time is what builds a successful online business. Like your first quote above, we need to think about our interests first and then build from there, not the other way around!

    For example, my niche is cat health and behavior. Even when I get a little discouraged, I feel good about writing posts on my site that might help a pet be healthier and save their owner money and stress.

    Wealthy Affiliate teaches us how to build a business around any niche. Find your niche first, then figure out the keywords to use to get traffic. Traffic equals sales!

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Hi Jessica,
      This is so true and a big key to having a successful online business. Some people try to go for the big money items only to find out they have no interest in them and run out of information to blog about. When you write about something you are passionate about you can write forever! Thank you for leaving a comment.

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