What Is The Customer Buying Cycle?

When you begin your journey into affiliate marketing it would be a good idea to learn how, why and when your customers decide to make a purchase. There are many different types of buying cycles and a lot will depend on what it is you are selling.  So what is the customer buying cycle?  I am going to explain one of the most common cycles that people go through before actually making a purchase.  It starts with someone realizing that they want or need something.  This part of the buying cycle is known as awareness. At this stage, they will be looking for information about what it is they need.

Example: My dog is suffering from dry skin due to the temperature change. I need to find something that will help him.

This person starts searching for more information, they Google
“skin care for dogs” and they receive about 1,980,000 results. Now she may narrow her results by adding some keywords like dry skin, natural remedies etc, etc. She begins to weed through all the results and chooses those that give the best information about her problem. This is where using keywords in your headline plays an important role. Using the proper keywords will greatly higher your chances of getting your article read. Make sure it is full of good quality informative content. This is what the person is looking for.  If they like the information they received from your article they will either bookmark it and continue to do more research or make a purchase. More than likely they will do more research, this is called the comparison part of the buying cycle. This part is also going to rely on your content.  You have supplied them with the information they were looking for, now you need to provide them with the solution to the problem.  Your goal here is to create solution-focused content.



Now the customer has moved into the consideration part of the buying cycle. You are now dealing with someone who is more educated in making that final decision.  What features does your product have to offer?  Let your customers know all the benefits that come with your product like does this come with a guarantee, is it easy to use, how long till they get results, is there free shipping, how long will it take to be delivered, what if they don’t like it.  The more questions that your content can answer the better your chances are of making a sale.

  • Create content about every feature your product has.
  • Create content about your support.
  • Create content on your guarantees and warranties.
  • Create content on how to use your product.

Give your customers more information than your competition does. This will give you the higher advantage in making a sale.



Great news, they moved the item into the shopping cart. This is the conversion part of the buying cycle. And your job isn’t over yet, did you know that nearly 7 out of every 10 customers who puts a product in their shopping cart are going to abandon it? Unfortunately,  this is the sad truth. To keep this from happening often make sure everything is set up for an easy purchase with no complicating forms or pop-ups. Make sure you are using well-known purchase gateways. Do not have any obstacle in the way of making that final decision.  Don’t get too discouraged if someone abandons their shopping cart, they may still be undecided and return at a later time.

Yeah, they made a purchase, you now have a paying customer.  What are you going to do now? This is when your customer support system plays a major role.  The most significant way to have customer satisfaction is by having competent customer service.  Your goal here is to have repeat customers that are happy with all the services you provide.

To help keep yourself from getting too discouraged, remember that you have no control over what others chose to do. There is nothing you can change if you are not in control, so concentrate on the things you are in control of and make them the best that they can be.

Your content needs to be complete.

  • Describe the problem.
  • Introduce your solution.
  • Give detailed information about the solution.
  • Offer some kind of proof, customer testimony, reviews, etc.



Knowing and understanding the customer buying cycle will help you know the content that needs to be in your article. Make sure to address every part of the buying cycle in every article you write.

  1. Awareness
  2. Comparison
  3. Consideration
  4. Conversion
  5. Repeat Customers


I hope you found this post to be helpful, If you have any questions please leave a comment.

To your success,




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  1. ido barnoam Reply

    Thanks for the info. I really took it in as it makes a lot sense. I’ve heard about the Customer Buying Cycle before, but somehow, it didn’t registered like it did just now.

    I guess you write it so simply and intuitively which makes it very accessible. I’m going to start implementing what you wrote even today!

    Awesome post.

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      I am so happy you enjoyed my post and found it easy to understand and follow. That is my goal in writing, I try to avoid long explanations and get to the point. Thank you for visiting my website.

  2. Steve Reply

    As an Internet Marketer, this is fundamental stuff that everyone should know and practice looking to make money online. Excellent Info.

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Thank you for visiting my site, I’m glad you enjoyed the post and found it to be valuable.

  3. Linda Reply

    Hi Cathy,
    What a fabulous article on the elements and phases of the consumer buying cycle! You’ve presented an excellent framework to keep firmly in mind when drafting content. I particularly appreciate your emphasis on creating solution-focused content. I’ve read so many blog posts where the emphasis is on citing and describing features of the product rather than on customer benefits.Buyers are seeking solutions to real problems. If they don’t spot solutions, they will continue searching until they find answers elsewhere. Thanks for a very informative read!

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Thank you for visiting my site, I’m glad you found this information to be helpful. Affiliate marketing is more than just selling products and making money, it’s also about helping others.

  4. Xdeem Li Reply


    That was great advice on internet marketing. I think most people think that you can sell anything online just by having it listed! Definitely not true, and you have to understand how the consumer thinks. 7 out 10 people don’t buy even after adding to the cart, this is interesting! Actually pretty discouraging, but that why you have to understand the consumer psyche. Thanks for the advice.

    P.S. would you please comment on my article, thanks.

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