How to Learn SEO for Beginners

If you are new to blogging you may not know what SEO is and how it will help you to get your pages ranked in search engines. I was in the same boat when I first started and would like to share the tools that I have found to be most helpful. Learning how to learn SEO as a beginner can be a bit challenging at time. But that’s ok because I’m going to show you ways that will help understand.


The many things needed for SEO.
All about SEO

Let’s start by learning the meaning. SEO stand for Search Engin Optimization, this is a process of trying to get your web page ranked in the three main search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Web pages are crawled by search engines and ranked according to content. If your content is relevant and useful to its reader it will get ranked higher. The goal here is to create content that will be ranked and shown on the first page of a search, preferably one of the fist five results. To help you understand the word “Optimization” means the action of trying to make something the best it can be.


I type in Pet Supplies and get about 83,400,000 results, the first three you see are paid ads. These are ads that the publishers pay for to be on top of the search engine results page (SERP).  The rest of the first page ads are there because they have been proven to provide people with the most valuable content for that particular keyword which was Pet Supplies.




So what is a keyword you ask? They are the words that describe the content of a web page. Search engines use these keywords to help match up a web page to the appropriate search. You will need to learn how to search for the proper keywords. The process of finding the right keywords to use may come easy to some and not so easy to others.  It is best to find an app that will help you find keywords and keep them organized. The best tool that I have found for this job is the Keyword Researcher Pro. This tool will help you gather keywords, remove the junk keywords, search for the good keywords, organize the good keywords, and help you use them in your article to get it ready to be published.

Keywords are an important part of SEO but not necessarily the most important part. The content of your page has to be relevant, informative and helpful. You want your readers to get all the information that they are looking for. When I am writing a blog I have found it very helpful to put myself on the other side. Think about the things that make you open a page when doing a search. What keeps you on that page?



Quality Content

Quality content will help to get your site to rank higher.
Content is King

Search engines look for content that is useful and helpful to its readers. Quality content is becoming the main factor in how your web page will be ranked. You want to give your readers the information they are looking for by fulfilling all the questions they may have.  And you want it to be original, copying content from other websites and adding it to your own site is a big No No! This is why it is so important to find a niche that you are passionate about. If you are writing about something you love and know all about you will be able to write with ease.


If you love to garden and have a green thumb you could build an entire website around this passion. You will start by finding good keywords then adding quality content about that keyword. Your title could be something like “How to Grow Cucumbers” then go on to explain how, why, when and where to grow cucumbers.

Wow, isn’t that awesome? You can create an entire article about something you love.

If you know what you are talking about you show authority and this will lead to your readers trusting in what you are trying to helping them with.



Whenever you do a search, what is it you see? You got it, it’s the title! Learning how to word your titles is another important part of SEO. You want that title to reach out and grab someone’s attention. But you don’t want to make it too long as it will not all fit into the search engine results page. The ideal size would be around 55 characters to ensure visibility. I found a great tool for this job and it’s called the Headline Analyzer. All you need to do is to type your headline into the analyzer and it will show you how to improve it. How cool is that?



Your Readers Experience

Ok let’s face it when it comes to a website taking forever to load you are going to close it no matter how much great information was on it.  When someone opens your site you want them to stay on it. You will need to learn all the tricks to keeping your site loading quickly, I have found several tools for this job that you can find by clicking here.  You also want your website to be user-friendly, you want your readers to be able to navigate throughout your site smoothly and without problems no matter what kind of device they are using. Remember you are reaching out to people from all over the world, you want their experience on your site to be a good one. A good experience will lead to repeat customers and this is a goal you are hoping to achieve. The best tool that I have found for getting all the help you will need with this is inside Wealthy Affiliates. They know what they are doing and do it very well, you will learn at your own pace with easy step by step instructions.  Plus they have the most helpful community of members that you will ever find.




What Not To Do

Now that I have helped you learn something about SEO and gave you the tools you need to get started I would like to give you some advice on things not to do. Search engines do not like the overuse of keywords, external links, and annoying advertisements. I’m not saying don’t add them to your pages, I’m saying do it in moderation. Over stuffing your website with unnessarary material will lead to lower rankings and you don’t want that.

I hope you found this to be helpful on your journey of becoming a successful affiliate marketer. If you have any questions or need more information please leave me a comment.

To your success,




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  1. Kenny Lee Reply

    This is great article I believe many small business owners should understand. Yes. I still found that the content writing marketplace occasionally have request of keyword stuffing. That would get their site penalized from Google in the long run. SEO practice evolved over time and it’s definitely important to stay updated on the fundamentals.

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Hi Kenny,

      Yes, it’s constantly changing and WA is the best place to be to stay up to date with whats going on. Thanks for your comment.

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