How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing- Whithout Spending a Fortune

Are you thinking about taking some classes from a university either online or in-class about SEO, website building, website design, or anything else that will help to teach you about affiliate marketing? If you are one of the many people looking for ways on how to learn about affiliate marketing than I have some great information to share with you.  Don’t join or sign up for another course until you have finished reading this post. I promise what I’m about to share with you can be a life changer. I’m going to show you how to learn about affiliate marketing without spending a fortune.


With affiliate marketing on the rise as one of the easiest and best ways to start an online business, it doesn’t surprise me that there are an abundant amount of college courses that are about teaching affiliate marketing. We all know that the cost of taking college courses is very expensive and out or reach for many people. Some may even take out student loans for such courses only to end up in debt and without all the tools needed to become successful. I was surprised to learn that some of these classes are teaching a lot of outdated material. This is due to the fact that Google is constantly changing things when it comes to SEO, keywords and how to get your websites ranked. It is almost impossible for these courses to keep updating the curriculum.  Wouldn’t you rather learn from someone who is constantly aware of all these changes and teaches you accordingly?

Learning to build a website is just the beginning. Each course that you take in college will cost you more money. To truly become successful at affiliate marketing you will need to learn the following things.

  • Website Building
  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Networking
  • Advertising
  • Customer Relations
  • Content Writing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Tools
  • Creating Logos and Images
  • Creating Videos
  • Pay-per-click
  • And much more

Now do the math, what do you think you would spend if you were to take all those courses in a traditional college? The price will be well over a few thousand dollars, plus you will still need to pay to have your website hosted.

What if I told you that I know of a place that offers everything you need all in one place and you can try it for FREE? Plus your teacher will also be up to date with all the information that he will be teaching you. And what if I told you that after your free trial has ended you can continue your education for only $49.00 a month. Plus get your first month at a discount?

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliates University, once you become a member you will have access to 50 Certification Courses, 13 virtual classrooms, 60 lessons on internet marketing, live weekly video training, live chat with members, and you can build and host up to 50 websites. All this and more are included in your monthly membership fee.



As you can see in the chart above Wealthy Affiliates University offers you so much more for one low monthly fee than any college course can. If you would like to try this and begin your first 10 lessons for free just click on the banners below.



Once inside you will be able to choose your path. You can start with the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification classes by clicking on the Green box at the top left of your profile page.

Or if you wish you can start with the WA Bootcamp to learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliates.

Whatever path you decide to start with you can always choose to change direction or even do both at the same time with no extra cost or fees. It is all included in your monthly subscription. I personally do not know of any other program that offers this much for so little.

I hope you learned something new today, if you have any questions please leave a comment.

To your success,


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  1. BelieveYouCandle Reply

    Very nice!
    Thank you very much for all the great information you provided!

    As a new member of Wealthy Affiliate, all I can say is you are spot on! I have tried a few money making courses online over the years, launched more than a few websites and have tried a few pay to learn sites. In the end I almost gave up. I found Wealthy Affiliate without really looking for Website tutoring or affiliate marketing sites and I am very thankful I did.

    The number one thing I love so far is the huge amount of education and learning available at WA. I have scoured the internet for years and haven’t come close to getting the amount of information available at WA.

    Another great factor of WA is the community. This place is like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn on steroids! Very friendly, Very very helpful and the willingness to help is unmatched!

    Thank you very much for the advice and the insight!!

    • Cathy Post authorReply


      I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post. I also spent a lot of wasted time and money on other programes but none of them have come close to what I have found at WA. Thank you for the comment and have a great day.

  2. Sharon Whyte Reply

    Hi Cathy,
    You are so right. It would cost an absolute fortune to pay for courses to learn about all things for your website. Wealthy Affiliate is so inexpensive for rhe value you get and with the active community as part of it there is nothing else like it online. Great article and information!
    Cheers Sharon

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for visiting my site, glad you enjoyed the article. Once people realize how much they get with the premium membership at WA I don’t know why they would go anyplace else.

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