How To Choose Keywords For A Website, The Right Way.

What are keywords?

Keywords are specific words/phrases that people type into a search to find information about what they just typed. For example, you could type in “How to make a website?” That’s your keyword/phrase Keywords are used to rank on Google, Bing & Yahoo.


What I’m about to show you is truly amazing when it comes to keyword tools. It doesn’t matter if jaaxyyou’re a beginner or seasoned marketer you are going to find that Jaaxy is the best Keyword Tool on the market today. As a website owner,  you need to know what keywords work to get your site up in the rankings. You need to search for keywords to use and most important you need to understand how they work. Accomplishing this will get your site seen by more people.

The two most important things to look for is monthly searches and the competition also called QSR (Quoted Search Results).

Competition is the first thing to look at when doing a keyword research. If a keyword has too much competition, pass it by.  To play it safe look for keywords with less than 300 QSR. Next look at how many people performed a monthly search. If your keyword phrase gets over 50 searches go for it. The lower competition, moderate traffic keywords typically convert better. Now put it all together and make sure your keyword phrase makes sense to the people who will be reading it. Here is a good example of that. I used “How to Choose Keywords for a Website” as my post headline instead of using “How Choose Keywords Website”


Are You Ready to Give this a Try?

Go ahead and chose a topic from your website and type it into the keyword search tool.

Now follow the above information that I just gave you. You’re now on the right path to finding keyword phrases that will get your site ranked higher.


Affiliate Marketers Delight

As an affiliate marketer we are always on the lookout for quality products that we can introduce to our customers. Well,  Jaaxy is not only the best keyword tool on the market today, it also has a fantastic affiliate program.

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I’m sure you found this to be very helpful. If you have any questions please leave a comment or visit my profile.

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