Are There Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online? The Truth Revealed

How long have you been looking for a way to earn online? How many websites have you joinedwoman-1459220__180 only to be disappointed again? Is it your fault or are you just joining the wrong programs? Are there legitimate ways to make money online? I am happy to inform you that YES there are, you just need to learn what to look for. Let’s start by being safe when looking to join a site. Below you can learn some steps to take while you are looking for legitimate sites.

  • If a site has a Veri-Sign logo, TRUSTe, Trustwave or any sort of link stating that the website is verified click on the link and check to make sure that the site is legitimately verified before you go any further.
  • Make sure you have good up to date anti-virus protection to determine whether a site is valid or not.
  • If the URL in the address bar starts with HTTPS (instead of HTTP), the page is more secure.
  • If a website makes offers that seem too good to be true. This can indicate a possible scam or the sale of illegal or pirated products.
  • Never give out your credit card number as a verification of identity or for personal information.
  • Do a LookWhoIs search to find out who owns the domain.
  • Look for the green HTTPS and a lock in the URL of the website, the lock shows you that a site is verified and can be trusted.




Once you know a site is safe to join you may still have that big question unanswered, “Is this program going to make me money?” How can I tell if this is a good program and worth my time?

board-928381__180Now it’s time to do your homework, start researching the site by Googling it. Look for reviews and read several of them, don’t judge a site from one person’s opinion. If the majority of the reviews are in favor of that program then chances are it will be worth joining. Make sure to always read the site’s terms and conditions before joining, by joining a site you are agreeing and bound to those terms and conditions. Here are several other things to look for.

  • Does the site have a way to contact support?
  • Is the site clear in letting you know what it has to offer?
  • Does the site have any customer testimony?
  • Is it user-friendly?

I would like to give you some personal advice here that I had to learn the hard way and that is to stay away from MLM programs and anything that looks like a Pyramid Scheme. These types of programs are designed for the owner and his buddies best interest only, not yours.

Don’t become a site hopper! I see this happen way too often, people join a program and give upfrog on it before they ever gave it a chance to work. Then they go and join another one and another. The internet is full of good legitimate programs that can earn you some income if you give them the time and dedication needed to be successful. So is it you or the program? Unfortunately, many times it’s the person that didn’t see it through and gave up on the system then they start yelling SCAM!  Well, it wasn’t the programs fault at all. This is why I suggest reading several reviews.The problem is with people that do not realize that to make an honest living working online you will need to dedicate yourself to your business. What I mean by dedicating yourself is to focus on learning everything about the program, get to know it and understand how it works inside and out. Then take what you have learned and put it into action. You will now be on the correct path to success but don’t expect this to happen overnight, it takes time. This is just the beginning of your journey.

Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.
Joyce Meyer


question-markBefore you go and join another program hoping to make some money, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do I have the time needed to do this?
  • Is this something I am interested in?
  • Can I dedicate myself to this program?
  • Do I have support from others around me?

If you can honestly say yes to those questions then you are ready to begin, congratulations! You see the truth about earning money online is all about YOU! How well have YOU educated yourself to know a good program from a bad one? How much time are YOU going to put into this to make it work? There are hundreds of good legitimate money making programs out there, it’s all up to YOU to find them and make them work for YOU!

Great, now you know what to do and are ready to being the journey to making money online. If you are interested in learning about affiliate marketing let me save you some time. I have already done all the hard work for you and can honestly say that Wealthy Affiliates is legitimate, worth joining and offers you everything you need to start an online business of your very own.


I hope you enjoyed reading this information on earning money online. If you have any questions or have a suggestion then please leave a comment.

To your success,




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  1. Darren Reply

    You offer some really logical and sound advice here. I’ve been guilty of the program hopping, not giving things a chance. I think that was because I didn’t really know what to do or what direction to take at the time.

    At the end I see you mention Wealthy Affiliate. I trained with them. Once I decided I needed some proper training to give me direction in my online endeavours, I came across WA and joined. Since then I’ve never looked back. Their training makes sense and it works.

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      I think most of us start out as program hoppers until we learn to give a program the time it needs to succeed in. Wealthy Affiliates is definitely the best place to get training to become successful at affiliate marketing. Thanks for visiting my site, glad you found it to be helpful.

  2. Merry Reply

    Hi, Cathy. Great information you have here. I did not know to do a whois search. Something so simple can make all the difference in the world. I do have one thing to add about MLM programs. If they offer products they are not illegal or pyramids. Actually, the pyramid is the longest standing structure on earth. And if there are any pyramid systems they are in our Govt. and large corporations, etc. When was the last time the mail clerk in the office got paid the same as the office manager? Just wanted to make a point, and I hope you don’t mind. And NO I am Not in an MLM program mainly due to forced costs to join and recruiting and building a team in order to make any money. I much prefer passive to assertive and hectic. 🙂

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about MLM programs. I’m sure that some do work if you are good at building an active team but then you are relying on other people’s dedication to the program to make it work for you. As with affiliate marketing you and you alone are in control of how well you do. Education, experience, and hard work are the keys to working your way to the top in any business, not how many people you can get to join.

  3. Catherine Reply

    I have recently signed up with Wealthy Affiliates and I am addicted to all the information and training they offer. You would never be able to afford the books at a book store to learn the same type of information, training and techniques you are shown to learn how to setup an awesome website. I absolutely love it. I am working on my own website and can’t wait to share with others what I have learnt. I am also a Virtual Assistant plus I work full-time but I am working on my dream to work from home. When I get my site up I will let you know.

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Congratulation on starting a website, keep following the training and you will be on your way to building a successful online business. Thanks for visiting my site, looking forward to seeing yours!

  4. Norman Richards Reply

    Yes there are true ways to make money online line and wealthy affiliate is there to prove it, I what to talk about wealthy because I am a part of this awesome organization. When we look at the membership of over eight hundred thousand members from around the world and their stories of success this is good facts to prove that you can make money online. Thanks sharing.

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      WA is definitely a great example of a truly professional program that gives you every tool need to become successful creating your own online business. Thanks for reading this post!

  5. Jenny Reply

    Hi Cathy

    Some great points raised, its easy to dismiss a program as a scam if you didn’t get on with it. Sometimes it might be, but other times it maybe that it was not the right program for you and didn’t engage you enough to get you where you wanted to be.
    I was so scared of joining the ‘wrong’ thing when I was researching ways to earn a living from working online that I didn’t sign up for anything. I read and read and read, and really didn’t want to part with any money for something that ultimately I couldn’t use and end up losing it or going through the rig morale of getting my money back on any of the money back guarantees.

    I was very surprised when I found Wealthy Affiliate, I couldn’t believe what I had stumbled across. It was like suddenly it all made sense, and I knew that this was a program I could trust. The access all areas for 7 days really showed what it had to offer and once I was in, I knew that I’d be a fool to leave if I wanted to pursue working from home as a legitimate option to generate an income. I didn’t look back.

    Great post.

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      That was very wise of you not to join a program until you did the research needed. Unfortunately, some people join programs only to find out that it was a waste of time and money. I’m glad you discovered WA and realize the value of what they have to offer, I wish you much success.

  6. Luna Reply

    Hi Cathy,
    This is an informative post. I had no knowledge of how to find out who owns the site.I now know to do a LookWhoIs search. I usually depend on my antivirus to keep me safe from viruses and use my discretion.
    I never join a program without doing my research I, however, got caught once. This was because the person who did the review that I trusted most had an interest in the company. I did not lose any money because it was free to join. I never bought anything that they were selling.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a super program, I am glad I found it.
    Awesome Post!

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Thank you for visiting my site, glad you found the information to be helpful. I suggested reading a few reviews because of that too, you can not be sure if it is a truly honest review till you compare it with others.

  7. Gary Reply

    As one cat lover to another, I wanted to tell how Wealthy Affiliate changed my life.

    Not only did I learn how to make money online the right way when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, but I was also accepted into a supportive community.

    I’m convinced the Wealthy Affiliate community saved my life after a devastating divorce. It was a lonely, painful time and my friends in Wealthy Affiliate kept me going. God bless them.

    Yes, you really can earn a full-time income online. And, yes, there are still good people in the world. You’ll find them at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Cathy Post authorReply

      Nice to meet another cat lover, thank you for visiting my site and sharing your experience with WA. As soon as I joined I knew I made a good decision and it has been a life changer. I am still amazed at how much I have learnt.

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